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Photos From the NY International Auto Show

Check out these photos, taken by our very own Peter Ohlweiler, of this year’s New York International Auto Show.

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Member Highlight: Carmine Cole’s E24 M635CSi

Monthly Member Meeting: April 12th

Our next monthly member meeting will be held on April 12th at Rutland Motorcars in Rutland, Vermont. It will immediately follow our Dust off and Detail event, which ends at 2:00. So come and get your summer ride cleaned up then help us plan this year’s upcoming events!

Dust off and Detail 2014: April 12th

Saturday, April 12th we will be holding our annual Dust off and Detail at Rutland Motorcars.

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1/15 Meeting Minutes and Election Results

Election Results:
President: George Ohlweiler- 34 Votes
Vice President: Peter Ohlweiler- 35 Votes
Treasurer: Carmine Cole- 37 Votes
Secretary: Tom McMillen- 37 Votes

Pam and Stew Loeb will take on the merchandising for this year’s event.

It appears that O-Fast can be held at West Dover into 2017 with the ITVFest tie in. However we need to assure that the ITVfest tie in is better publicized. The dates for the ITVFest are Sept 26th-28th.

O-Fast dates this year are Sept 26th – 27th. Field event starts at 9:00am with awards at 2:00pm. Events will be followed by a drive.

Pam will be soliciting donations for silent auction and goodie bags from various organizations. She presented a form letter and a list of possible businesses from which to solicit. George authorized Pam to send the letters. Reimbursement for postage is to be sent to Carmine as treasurer of the club.
Peter added a couple of names to the list. If there are any more ideas for solicitation, contact Pam Loeb.

The Automaster wants to come back on board for O-Fast. Hopefully we’ll do something with them for the i3 release. Peter will be in touch with them.
Idea for O-Fast: Present awards for unique notoriety such as longest distance driven to the event, oldest car, etc.

O-Fast will be posted on Hemmings website this year.

Peter mentioned that he attended the Connecticut Porsche club chapter Christmas party and they said they will bring cars to O-Fast.

Street Survival:
Plattsburgh Chamber of Commerce, West Dover Airport, Pam will ask about the Essex Jct. IBM parking lot.
Peter will send off dates and be in touch.

Team O’Neil Winter Driving School:
Peter will be in touch in the next couple of weeks.

Dust Off and Detail will be on Saturday April 12 at:
Rutland Motorcars
72 US Route 7 South
Rutland, Vt. 05701
802 747 7172
Calef from Waxoyl will be in and Peter going to talk with Turner Motorsport to come and talk about their performance products and software.

Minis On Top 2014 is to be held on June 20th – 21st.

George: Potential new event, The Woodstock Car Show. Jim Gill is the contact person. Initial planning for the show is underway. No date has been set yet but, they are looking at the end of June.

Manchester Antique and Classic Car Show dates are June 7-8.

Post card mailing was discussed for events and agreed to continue to mail them for events. Perhaps a combo card with the upcoming event listed and include a calendar listing future events.

The island tour will be happening this year however, the date is still TBD. George will talk to Val about the event and the date.

Pam and Stew Loeb presented the idea of a club day at the BMW Spartanburg facility. This would be with the National Capitol chapter. There would be a tour of the manufacturing center as well as the performance center. This would also include the M driving school.
More info HERE
The cost is $660.00 and includes driving Performance Center cars, tires, gas, instructors and lunch on Saturday at the Performance Center.

Pam will contact Nick with more details.

Other Business:

Peter suggested the idea of getting together and autocross event in the Burlington area.
Ideas for locations: check into the Burton area for a parking lot to use. Burton may promote and autocross event at their facility.
Pam and Stew are going to check around Burlington area for suitable places. Peter is going to call his friend Check Heingartner regarding facilities as well.

Northeast SCCA hold frequent TSD’s We should perhaps join in with them for one. Make it a drive/ride also.

Peter: Michael Kittredge, owner of Cringle Candle in Bernardston MA holds Sunday cruise in events on the first Sunday of each month from May through October.